How It Works

After a bride and groom decides to enroll in WeddingDreamz™, a user name will be issued to the couple. They will next have the opportunity to fill out a profile letting others know ‘their story’, about their event and even watch a video telling those close to them about their wedding dreams. The bride and groom will next contact whoever they feel is most appropriate to receive a donation request letter. (We have created tasteful prototypes to use as templates to help get you started)!

sample chocolate fountain

Friends and family selected will open up the couple’s link and enter an event code to learn more about their upcoming event with option on how they might contribute in a small or larger way. The couple will list a selection of event ‘enchancements’ which their guests can contribute to, much like a bridal registry.

It is required that the bride and groom first meet any standard venue minimums, but for the extras we know every couple desires, WeddingDreamz™ is a tasteful and simple way to raise the funds that all their guests can enjoy!

The couple has the option to also choose whether the contributors are recognized for their contribution or not (if the benefactor is in mutual agreement). It is your choice then if you wish to have a sign next to (for instance) your specialty gourmet coffee and hot chocolate station, that your favorite Uncle Tommy donated this tasty option to your unique and customized event. Couples will select the items they desire which will be listed on their own WeddingDreamz™ page.

We at WeddingDreamz™ will handle the details through our accounting program, taking a small 5% administration/credit card fee to facilitate your WeddingDreamz™ fundraising, meant to be fun, easy and the results of which everyone can enjoy on your very special day!

Brides and grooms can also choose to have a thank you email sent to the donating party or to create a 'donated by' card placed next to the item which was donated. Givers can also choose not to be recognized at the event and to make their contributions anonymous.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the website to see highlighted frequently asked questions. We’re here to answer any other questions you have either through our contact us form or simply by calling us at 770-586-0095

Here’s to creating your own extraordinary, memorable WeddingDreamz™!




Photos by: Sarah Eubanks Photography, Barbara Covington Photography.


About BB Webb

WeddingDreamz™ originator, BB Webb is all about solutions. As founder of multi-award winning Carl House, she is intent on making things happen through serving others. Whether coaching clients from her home in Bozeman, Montana or traversing the country speaking to business owners and young professionals, sharing business and life lessons cited in her book, Build Your Business: BB Webb’s “Notes from the Highwire!” BB is passionate about making a positive and lasting difference in peoples’ lives.

With a host of awards including Business Woman of the Year awarded by Barrow County Chamber of Commerce, BB was also named by Atlantan Magazine as one of the most powerful and influential women leaders in Atlanta.  BB’s WeddingDreamz™ creation is a solution to assist couples in gathering specific venue additions from close friends and family. This ‘fundraising’ service is a positive solution helping brides, grooms and their families create the weddings they most envision!

Eager to help others, BB’s next step is creating the same solution for other venues throughout the country, with the intent of reaching more couples every year, helping to make more WeddingDreamz™, come true!

For more information on BB Webb, her books, coaching services, talks or Carl House, visit or or contact us at