Where can I learn more about WeddingDreamz originator BB Webb? 

 Answer: To learn more about BB Webb or Carl House, visit www.carlhouse.com and click on the “About: Team” link at the top. 


Does my wedding have to be held at Carl House?

 Answer: Carl House is currently the only venue featuring WeddingDreamz.


Do my guests have to have a PayPal account?

 Answer: No, your guests can contribute to your additional wedding selections by using a credit card or by using their PayPal account.



Can my entire wedding be paid for through WeddingDreamz?

 Answer: WeddingDreamz is meant to assist you in financing additional aspects of your wedding beyond the basic wedding agreement.


Can my guests donate cash wedding gifts through WeddingDreamz?

 Answer: Your guests can contribute to additional aspects of your wedding that you have pre-selected. Cash cannot be donated directly to the bride and groom.


Will I know which guest(s) have donated to my event?

 Answer: The bride and groom will be notified by email each time a guest donates to their wedding.  

About BB Webb

WeddingDreamz™ originator, BB Webb is all about solutions. As founder of multi-award winning Carl House, she is intent on making things happen through serving others. Whether coaching clients from her home in Bozeman, Montana or traversing the country speaking to business owners and young professionals, sharing business and life lessons cited in her book, Build Your Business: BB Webb’s “Notes from the Highwire!” BB is passionate about making a positive and lasting difference in peoples’ lives.

With a host of awards including Business Woman of the Year awarded by Barrow County Chamber of Commerce, BB was also named by Atlantan Magazine as one of the most powerful and influential women leaders in Atlanta.  BB’s WeddingDreamz™ creation is a solution to assist couples in gathering specific venue additions from close friends and family. This ‘fundraising’ service is a positive solution helping brides, grooms and their families create the weddings they most envision!

Eager to help others, BB’s next step is creating the same solution for other venues throughout the country, with the intent of reaching more couples every year, helping to make more WeddingDreamz™, come true!

For more information on BB Webb, her books, coaching services, talks or Carl House, visit www.carlhouse.com or www.bbwebb.net or contact us at info@weddingdreamz.com